We here at SportsAlcohol dot com were pretty excited about the recent release of <em>The Matrix Resurrections</em>, the 18-years-later legacy sequel to the Wachowskis' <em>Matrix</em> trilogy, written and directed by Lana Wachowski sans her sister Lily. After watching the movie in IMAX theaters and/or HBO Max, Jesse, Marisa, Ben, Jeremy, and Nathaniel got together to talk about how the new movie fits in with the legendary original, the controversial trilogy, and the garden of delights that is the full Wachowski filmography. So we start with The Matrix and then get into our full collective ranking of the Wachowski movies. Join us, won't you, after all these years... to go back to where it all started. Back to The Matrix!

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In an episode we feely admit we should have recorded years ago, the pals talk about the full filmography of Wes Anderson, starting with his new movie The French Dispatch (now available on streaming/rental/disc/etc.!) and then working our way through a full ranking of his ten features films so far! Who put Life Aquatic much higher than anyone else? Who likes the stop-motion animation less than the others? What is our collective favorite? Listen and find out!

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