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Silence of the Lambs turned 30 on Valentine's Day this year, so a bunch of us decided to celebrate by watching this romantic movie (distanced, of course), plus various other Hannibal and/or Jonathan Demme movies, and then got together (distanced, of course) to talk about them. It's a pivotal movie for both Demme's career as a director and Hannibal Lecter's career as a major villain. Something something eat some fava beans and listen!

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The gang returns for the second half of our recommendation bonanza, focusing on titles available on Disney Plus, Hulu, and Apple Plus. Stay home, watch TV!

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Well, it's been a few months and many of us are still at home in some manner of quarantine, which means we're all looking for shows and movies to stream. In this multi-part special, a all-star crew goes around and recommends a whole bunch of #content for you to enjoy while stuck at home. This installment covers primarily Netflix and Amazon Prime offerings. Part 2 is coming soon!

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With this year's more diverse Oscars trying to make up ground lost by the #OscarsSoWhite debacles of previous years, and issues of representation getting more attention than ever (especially in Trump's America), your friends at decided to sit down and have a conversation about representation and identification issues in popular culture. Marisa, Sara, Jon, Jesse, and Nathaniel talk about media that's spoken to us for those reasons, try to differentiate between representation and identification, and talk about all manner of movies and TV shows, past and present, including Hidden Figures, Moana, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight, and many more. It's one of our longest and widest-ranging conversations, but we think it's well worth listening to!

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To coincide with the impending release of the new version of Ghostbusters opening around the world this week, Nathaniel, Marisa, Sara, Jesse, and Jon got together to chat about the transition from Saturday Night Live to bigger screens: Who's done it best, who could have been better, and who deserves a chance in the future. This one is a must for SNL fans, comedy nerds, and anyone who loves bad Dennis Miller impressions.

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