Yes, it's that time of the year again: The gang is back together to reminisce about the summer movies of 20 years ago. There may not be a summer movie season to speak of in 2020, but in 2000 business was a-booming with gladiators, mutants, car thieves, dinosaurs, and impossible missions! Take a detailed yet fast-paced trip down memory lane with us, replete with bizarre personal anecdotes!

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The gang returns for the second half of our recommendation bonanza, focusing on titles available on Disney Plus, Hulu, and Apple Plus. Stay home, watch TV!

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Several friends & fam are regular reviewers of the NBC late-night comedy-variety series Saturday Night Live, and we make it our business to check in with the show every season to see how it's progressing. This season was a particularly strange one, as the show switched to non-live, socially-distanced compilation specials for its final three episodes of an abbreviated 18-episode run. Nathaniel, Michael, Marisa, and Jesse got together (virtually) to talk about how these episodes switch up the SNL dynamic, and other highs and lows of Season 45.

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Well, it's been a few months and many of us are still at home in some manner of quarantine, which means we're all looking for shows and movies to stream. In this multi-part special, a all-star crew goes around and recommends a whole bunch of #content for you to enjoy while stuck at home. This installment covers primarily Netflix and Amazon Prime offerings. Part 2 is coming soon!

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Following an A.V. Club Q&A about favorite-ever mixtapes, the mixtape braintrust got together to reminisce about our mixtape past: tips, tricks, mishaps, and more from a different era of music consumption. So root around your closet, fish out your favorite, and listen along!

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Our belated 20th-anniversary tour of notable 1999 records marches on as Rob, Jesse, and Sara discuss Sleater-Kinney's change-of-pace record The Hot Rock, in the context of the band's career and their 2019 change-of-pace record The Center Won't Hold! What does it mean for Sleater-Kinney to change pace, turn down the guitars, or possibly sell out? LISTEN IN AND FIND OUT!

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Our 20th anniversary series on the albums of 1999 continues well past the 20-year date with our 21st-birthday-and-change celebration of Keep It Like a Secret by Built to Spill. Are BTS (no, the other BTS) hippies? Hobos? A jam band? We get into these questions and more on our latest bite-sized indie rock episode!

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On the heels of our Best Movies of 2019 podcast, the movie crew stuck around for a quick, loose discussion of this year's Academy Award nominations: who we were happy to see, who was SNUBBED, and who might emerge victorious on Oscar night.

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2019 may be well and over, but your pals at aren't quite done talking about the best movies of the year. To tie in with our collective list of our 20 favorites, Marisa, Nathaniel, Jesse, Sara, and Jeremy got together for a lengthy but snappy conversation about why we chose the movies we chose (and where we disagree with our own list!).

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