The new movie Second Act starring Jennifer Lopez is opening on December 21st! Jesse and Ben caught an early screening and discussed how it works as a non-rom-com, a zany business movie, and a Jennifer Lopez star vehicle. It's the latest in our mini-series where Ben talks about business movies.

WARNING: There are SPOILERS for the movie Second Act around the halfway mark of this episode.

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Jesse and Nathaniel, the only two people you know who think Rocky V is better than Rocky IV, got together to discuss how the newest Rocky-ish movie, Creed II, stacks up against the original, as well as other Rocky sequels. Controversial takes abound! (See above RE: Rocky V.)

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In addition to our group discussion of our site's Best Songs of the 2000s, Rob, Jesse, and Marisa sat down so we could talk about Rob's particularly arduous list-making process, and address some more quirks of our group list. A must for all of you fastidious music nerds out there!

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After pulling together 20-plus ballots from various writers and music fans to form our definitive list of the BEST SONGS OF THE 2000s, the podcast crew convened a small panel of those writers to talk about the list: what we thought of the final product,  the songs we love and the songs we hate, as well as how we constructed our individual ballots. Join us for a sometimes-contentious, always entertaining look back at a decade of disparate pop music!

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