We talk about the 40th season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

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Bands that got back together to play the hits on tour was a phenomena that, like so many things in American culture, catered to baby boomers until very recently. About a decade ago, the Pixies started playing shows again and hipsters in their 20's and 30's suddenly had something in common with all the grayhairs who enjoy the classic rock circuit. founders Jesse and Marisa had the pleasure of seeing a reunited Replacements play with Deer Tick and The Hold Steady at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens this past weekend with a bunch of friends. Afterwards, they discussed their uncomplicated feelings of getting into reunion acts in their 30's. What do they want to see and why? They discuss their specific experiences and idealize what they want to see with reunion acts. They were joined by recently-minted SportsAlcohol contributor Ben and future SportsAlcohol contributor Derrick, who has participated in a couple of our music list surveys.

This featured image was taken by Nicole Fara Silver and shamelessly swiped from's review of the show.

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