In one of our popular recurring episodes, the gang gets together for a selected journey through the Billboard Hot 100 Songs of twenty years ago -- that's right, it's Billboard 2000! Which atrocious pop-country songs make the list? Where in the evolution of Destiny's Child and Britney Spears do these charts find them? Who has TWO of the top three songs of the year?!? Listen in to your favorite ex-DJs and find out!

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Our podcast doesn't often review single movies but sometimes something comes along and we just feel compelled to talk about it in full. We were so moved recently when Desperados, a movie starring SNL player Nasim Pedrad, appeared on Netflix seemingly without warning. So in this episode, Jesse talks to culture writer LaToya Ferguson about Desperados from a place of serious Nasim Pedrad and SNL fandom!

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Yes, it's that time of the year again: The gang is back together to reminisce about the summer movies of 20 years ago. There may not be a summer movie season to speak of in 2020, but in 2000 business was a-booming with gladiators, mutants, car thieves, dinosaurs, and impossible missions! Take a detailed yet fast-paced trip down memory lane with us, replete with bizarre personal anecdotes!

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