Well, it's finally and improbably here: the four-hour Zack Snyder-approved version of his superhero opus JUSTICE LEAGUE has hit HBO Max, so Rob, Ben, Jesse, and Marisa watched all four hours and tried to process our experience with this rambling, shapeless, weirdly impressive superhero epic. We talk about everything from Jack Kirby and Joss Whedon to toxic workplaces and Watchmen. And at two hours, it's much less time-consuming than the movie itself!

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Uncertain over how the rest of the year would go, we made a podcast episode in August of 2020 about the best movies of the year. But hey, it turned out there were plenty more great movies to come! So here's our supplementary podcast covering our collective favorites (and oddball outliers) from the rest of 2020, including talk about Nomadland, Soul, Tenet, Sound of Metal, and more!

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