With the recent release of Sofia Coppola's latest movie On the Rocks, the crew decided it was time for a comprehensive career review, discussing all seven of her films (including her new one), plus various ephemera. Bill Murray! Kirsten Dunst! ScarJo! Andy Garcia?! They're all here for this lively discussion and appreciation.

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Look, it's been a long sort-of quarantine for everyone, including your friends at, and we haven't all completed the projects we thought would be our silver linings for this extended period of inactivity. For example: Thinking we could all use some laughs during a pretty dark time, a bunch of us recorded a comedy-centric podcast about what makes us laugh, back in the spring, when it seemed like maybe we'd be dealing with a pandemic through the summer. Jesse's neglect in editing this long but fun-filled episode turned out to be prescient, as it's now almost six months later, and here we still are, dealing with the pandemic, and maybe still in need of laughs? So here's Marisa, Jesse, Nathaniel, Sara, Jeremy, and Jon talking about, and analyzing, the kind of comedy (well, mostly comedy) that makes us laugh now, has made us laugh in the past, and we hope will make us laugh again in the future.

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